Markus Simon

Markus Simon
Here are the first two images. Both are taken on medium format with a Hasselblad 2013 in the north of the Netherlands. What I like about them is a kind of emptiness. Especially in the first photograph the dunes are somehow similar to the hidden car. The hiddenness makes it almost more real or more natural but not natural in the kind of a flower that you want to pick. You wouldn’t pick a flower out of a vase in a temple. I feel I have to respect something in the shown scenery, which I am not sure of excactly. I guess I take photographs trying to understand and I think few are worth holding on to  - when I don’t understand or not exactly understand everything about them. Somehow I feel attracted and rejected at the same time. Most of the images I take, don’t have that quality at all and I don’t like them too much. Only for a while maybe. 
I wanted to be a photographer when I was young, but I deciced to do something more meaningful (or what I thought would be meaningful). I was never ambitious and I never pursued any of my obvious talents. And perhaps I‘m still more interested in fractions and frictions - or something like that. 
So I don‘t think I am an artist or a photographer. I am just taking photographs sometimes or paint a picture as many people do. And this point is the one I have to value again: the human activity which is somehow in a more expanded view an activity of the world itself. 
For that I have to emphasize this personal activity a little bit. Otherwise I would forget about it.
A painter once told me: It is important  to value your own life's energy in what you are doing and not so much compare the results to others.